Selenium 3 beta version 2 available for you to try

Selenium 3 has been announced a long while ago, but it is only recently that beta versions have started rolling out. The latest beta version, 2, is now available for you to try.

Details about what Selenium 3 has in plan can be found on their official blog ( and in this webinar that was recorded recently: . The main purpose of the new Selenium version will be to remove the support for the RC API, so any tests that still rely on RC should be moved to the WebDrive API. Therefore it is a good idea to have a look at how your tests are behaving with this latest beta version, just to get a feel of whether you will need to change your test implementation once the full version of Selenium 3 gets released.

You can download the latest Selenium version from either their official page or from the Maven central repository.

The developers of the framework are really keen on community feedback and bug reports, which you can submit here: . Have fun.


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